Jamiu Aliyu, Nigerian Teacher, Makes European Council for Nuclear Research List

Aliyu (middle back row) at the European Council for Nuclear Research underground (100m) laboratory with 47 other educators from 39 countries across six continents receiving training

Mary Nnah

The European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) has selected 48 Teachers from 39 Countries across six continents to participate in the International Teachers Programme in Switzerland.

Representing Nigeria is Jamiu Temitope Aliyu, a Science Teacher from the Regent College Abuja, who fortunately made the list.
In his inspiring and heroic note, Aliyu declared what he titled “Equation of Success” – S = Cb * Ci + Gf. He explained what the formula – S = Cb * Ci + Gf stands for: S = Sustainable Success; Cb = Capacity building for the future we anticipate; Ci = Character infrastructure and Gf = God factor.

Explaining the equation, S = Cb * Ci + Gf, Aliyu said, “The selection requires teachers to be creative and innovative in class. So, I used Cb (Capacity building) to describe this effort. I used Ci (Character infrastructure) to describe the need for people or teachers in this case to build on character strengths while I used Gf (God factor ) to describe the intervention that anything is possible”, adding, “There are just two Africans from the 39 countries. So I believe God has helped me.

“At any point in time when I refer to the universal success equation, it is my belief that Gf is constant. Gf is God factor -S=Cb * Ci + Gf. Every man or woman is a Universe. It is all about the state of mind”, he noted.

Aliyu quickly affirmed that “your capacity is a function of space of influence, local or global”, adding that you should, “create your own university.

“It was my thought to express my value for capacity building, character and godliness. I realised that my selection was tied to a lot of effort to build capacity as a teacher. Also, I also intended to stress more on character so that we can always find people to help us at any given time.”

“Success in this regard is associated with my selection because I went through a lot of essay writing and production of creative videos in my classroom which I submitted before I got selected”, he noted further.

As a way of giving back to humanity, he is offering innovative and creative teaching techniques to support teachers in schools. Further enquiries can be sent to his email by education ministries, school administrators and independent teachers.