2019 NBA Annual Conference


 Saturday letter3

The pivot of societal cohesion and harmony is respect for the rule of law. Non adherence to the rule of law smacks of lack of civilization. A civilized society ought to be guided by rules and regulations freely made. We cannot afford to slide to primordial times when men were ruled by the force of arms, when the ruled were subject to the whims and caprices of the all-knowing autocratic ruler. The Nigerian Bar Association (made up of lawyers who by training and calling ought to be promoters of the rule of law), which I believe does not want Nigeria to go back to the primordial times should be seen as overtly promoting the rule of law; not aiding and abetting defilers of the rule of law by according them undeserved and unwarranted recognitions. In this vein I call on the association of the learned noble professionals not to accord any promoter or advocate of non-adherence to the rule of law no matter how highly placed any opportunity to address lawyers at the 2019 Annual Conference.  A clear and loud message needs to be sent to those who treat the law with disdain.


Timothy Olubor,

Allan & Ogunkeye, Lagos