Get Insurance: An Online Platform for Educating Nigerians on Insurance Launches

Ugo Aliogo
Get Insurance, a leading online insurance platform for educating Nigerians on the insurance sector has been launched.
The platform is inviting visitors to explore its new website on insurance and financial topics, learn about the opportunities and how insurance can benefit the market.
According to a statement by the group, the platform focuses on prioritising user-friendly experience, exciting and detailed information on insurance and the policies offered is expanded in this platform.
The statement also stated that the platform currently is the go-to repository for information on insurance and financial content in the country.
“Understanding the limitations of insurance to the target audience and the eminent risks of declining an insurance offer, this platform helps the Nigerian reader understand how, why and where they should insure their assets for the unexpected or inevitable,” the statement said.
The statement said with improved navigation and functionality, GetInsurance allowing customers to grasp the subject of insurance especially HMO or Health Insurance.
It added that its unique content formation makes this accessible to the public, ranging from the young to the old, “hence, insurance products and services are written to be as simple as possible in order to make people make the right decisions.”
According to the statement: “It brings together people’s plans in accordance to the different insurance brands’ goals. Hence, it walks readers through the simple steps in ensuring all the insurance policy in a clear and concise manner.
“We cover services such as health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance and many more. Each policy has a broader knowledge on step by step guide on securing one and the reasons why you should.
“Readers can now have access to the Get Insurance pool of content, subscribe to newsletters and get to know the insurance companies paying Claims. GetInsurance is one of Nigeria’s leading insurance content platforms that equips Nigerians on making a better financial decision. The digital platform provides access to discounted insurance products enabling its readers benefits from the opportunities insurance brings.
“Looking for car or auto insurance, Get Insurance provides the information and discounted products for its readers. Informative articles have been curated to help you understand life insurance, disability insurance, travel insurance, health insurance or HMO, property insurance, among others.