Edo govt should not allow motor park touts feed fat on state’s resources – Don Pedro Obaseki, PDP Chieftain


A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain in Edo State, Don Pedro Obaseki, has hailed Governor Godwin Obaseki’s stance against politicians who demand for access to the limited state’s resources for their personal use.

In an interview with ARISE TV news channel monitored in Benin City, the PDP chieftain described Governor Obaseki as “A money manager, one who contributed to the success of the debt management office and is perhaps one of the biggest stockbrokers in this country.

“He is an adviser to companies, checks their strengths, weaknesses, and takes them to the open market. For such a person to be the governor of the state, you don’t expect it to be business as usual. To expect him to dispense funds off the cuff to persons who just expect some form of political largess, it will be expecting to milk a rock. So you are bound to meet a brick wall.”

He said those who accuse the governor in the open have made it clear that they are angry that they are not getting a sizeable chunk of the Edo’s ‘cake,’ as the governor has insisted that there is no cake to handout. “He should not allow these touts access to the state’s treasury,” he advised.

Don Pedro noted “We cannot continue to feed and fill the basket of persons who just come into the political space simply for what they can get out of it; people whose complementary card or business card just read their name, the party logo and the position. The government should not accommodate motor park touts.”

He added that the stance of Governor Obaseki has placed him on a higher pedestal, noting, “The governor is riding the crest and the sail is on his side. This is a governor that has refused to dispense with the commonwealth and patrimony of Edo people and that is important.”