Mr. President – Really Not Fair!

Muhammadu Buhar

Dear Sir, I am compelled to agree with the PDP who have taken a short break in their quest to seek the INEC server to look at this your list. They have termed it as uninspiring and a waste of time. Mbok, do not vex but be like say I want to agree small with them.

That list is so far from what we need at this point. What we have seen with that list looks like a reward game gone wrong. A quick look at that list would immediately tell the unaligned observer of the thought process behind its compilation. We had thought that you would have been looking at your legacy or at best taken some areas you would want to touch in choosing your men. But this list be like a list of pensioners, Golden Eaglets and journeymen. The list lacks the vibrancy and fire needed at this point in this country, but then again what can we do but to honker down and continue to behave like passengers on a plane going through turbulence. I have always said it that the country is on auto pilot and as such this list could have been a list pulled from a group of Nigerians deported from Italy and we would still have the same type of administration. Well, no problem, there is nothing we can do na, since all they need to do is to go to the National Assembly bow their heads and get their endorsement. God dey.