Jennifer Obayuwana Not in a Hurry

Jennifer Obayuwana

It is a well-trod part for celebrities, especially the female ones. The first romance at dawn with a knight in shining armour whose shield turns out to actually be made of lead. The subsequent heartbreak and bounce back romance, the amicable parting of ways, then the walk down the aisle with an older and wiser head on the shoulders. Rinse, repeat and rinse. Managing Director of Polo Avenue Jennifer Obayuwana has had her fair share of romantic twists and turns. And going by her actions (or rather inactions) in recent times, she’s had quite enough of it for now, thank you very much.

The flower girl of high society was rumoured to have entered into a new romance some time back but it proved to be hot air dispersed by those with more time than sense. The beautiful lady has taken the high road and doesn’t want to be dragged down into the murky swamp of romantic dalliance. She is not ready to open her heart to just any Johnny Just Come who might use it play ten-ten before bailing at the slightest opportunity.

Those close to her situation reveal that it is a case of “once bitten twice shy” for the stylish lady who is always dressed to kill at any outing she graces. It wasn’t so long ago that the rumour mill was awash with news of her approaching marriage to handsome hunk Peter Salleh. But the alleged blissful dream quickly became a nightmare for Jennifer. With no wedding bells tolling anywhere, the daughter of Polo Avenue boss John Obayuwana sneaked away from the limelight to nurse her wounded heart.

Since then, Jennifer has given both romance and marriage a wide berth. Despite the procession of eligible bachelors who have turned her door to a Mecca of sorts, she remains resolute. Her mind is currently focused on her business and rearing her young child with no space for matters of the heart.