BBNaija Update: Freeze! Housemates Lose Their Cool


Following Avala and Isilomo’s eviction on Sunday night, housemates are gradually waking to the reality that the game is on. Tempers flared and shades were thrown during the course of the week.

Thelma and Ella had the first row when Thelma complained about the unclean state of the women’s convenience. Things went awry when she blamed all the women in the house for not keeping the toilets clean as Ella felt insulted. What followed next was a trade of words between the two.

By Monday night, the drama got intense as the show assumed its usual format of nomination. Housemates were called into the diary room where they nominated fellow housemates for possible eviction this Sunday. Nelson, having won the Head of House title escaped being nominated. Tacha, Ella, Frodd, Kimoprah and Sir Dee were up for eviction but Frodd having won the Veto Power Frodd replaced himself with Mercy.

The nominated housemates expressed mixed feelings about their nomination but what was clear in the subsequent days was that it brought out their true colours. Tacha who is often in her cocoon crawled out, displaying her confidence that she will be the last man standing. She walked out of the team’s play which was presented on Thursday night for their wager simply because Jeff interrupted her speech. It took a while before she made up her mind to join the team in their presentation because according to her, she can survive without food. But she wasn’t done. She reminded her fellow housemates that no one should expect respect from her. Seemed she was fighting the hurtful feeling of being nominated.

Thelma had another heated argument, this time with Esther. The latter had corrected her on the right name for people with down syndrome. Thelma had insensitively called them imbeciles. Instead of accepting the correction, Thelma flared and attacked Esther for judging her and speaking to her like a child. Esther obviously hurt by her insensitivity, refused to back down. Sir Dee finally calmed the raging nerves.

Love was also a hot topic in the house. While Jeff, Ike, Kimoprah expressed their lack of trust in the word, Gedoni and Khafi seemed to be igniting a little romance. Both have been quite close lately. Do they stand a chance of having a good relationship in the house?

Mercy on the other hand got a shocker when Ike chose Kimoprah as his partner for the celebrity pair show. But who could blame Ike? He is very confident that every lady in the house has the hots for him.

Despite the altercation, the housemates had fun in the house. Big Brother played the exhilarating freeze game on them, got them to dress up like animals and mimic their sounds, and offered them bribes to disrupt their Thursday presentation. Thelma also got a surprise birthday cake, and was blessed with the kind words of her fellow housemates.

The live eviction show will see one or two of the housemates leaving the show on Sunday. Who will it be?