African Women Global Technology  Holds in Lagos, New York 


African Women Global Technology Initiative is a  tech meet-up inspired by a drive to close the gender gap in science and technology. It’s the first of its kind and it’s a social impact initiative. 

The African Women Global Technology Initiative is a two part tech meet-up series scheduled to kick off in Lagos, Nigeria and subsequently in New York

 It is driven by their experiences growing up in Nigeria and their drive to encourage young girls to pursue careers in technology. 

One of the pioneers of the initiative, Esther Nwaka commented: “We started early this year, my friends and I came together and we were thinking about ways to encourage girls in Nigeria to push a career in tech based on how empowered we felt. 

So it’s been inspired by our experience in Nigeria. “

The team’s major goal is to show young women that they can be looked up to and that computer science as a career would empower them both financially and in their career. This first event in Lagos will feature speakers from various tech companies and NGOs.