‘Nigeria Has Massive Agricultural Potential’


Hamid Ayodeji
Nigeria is blessed with huge agricultural potential but requires increased investment from both government and the private sectors to unlock opportunities in the sector, the Chief Executive Officer, Garri Empire, Seun Adu, has said.

The Garri Empire boss said this during an interview with THISDAY.
While commenting on the activities of his firm, she said: “We have made it our core objective to see to it that our products are hygienically refined and packaged before they are put out for consumption; thereby increasing the quality of food in the country.

“Garri Empire has been able to reduce hunger in the country by making our products affordable and available to people of all classes of the economy.

“We have gone as far as to various homes to distribute our farm products, such as Ijebu garri, kulikuli and Groundnut to those who are less privileged and might not be able to purchase our products.”
Meanwhile, Adu has stressed the need to support the agriculture sector with sensitiation programmes and other capacity building initiatives.

She said, “There is need to have programmes whereby they interpret extension materials to farmers. In addition, they need to help with farm extension services so as to avoid the rich soil from going barren due to excess harvesting of the farm products.

“Also, farmers need to be encouraged, to seek membership in farmers’ organisations, so as to help expand their networks and drive production and sales of their farm products.”

When asked how convenient it has been transporting the firm’s processed and packaged cassava from the farm to markets, the Chief Executive Officer explained that, “Most times it has been very convenient, although when it rains it takes days to get to the market due to the bad roads we have to pass through when heading to the markets.”