Pazino: Contributing to an Eco-friendly Environment


Pazino Engineering and Construction Company Ltd (Pazino ECC) has forged a partnership with Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency (LASPARK) as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

According to Business Development Manager, Pazino ECC, Ms Abe Soyemi, the company was aware of the environmental impact of modern activities and would guard against any degradation. “We are environmentally conscious and responsible. Every Estate in Pazino has particular design that accommodates a nature park or garden.

We don’t just put up brick and mortals, we are conscious of nature, we intend to conserve the environment . Conserving nature and natural resources is actually paramount to our business; it’s our number one motto. We have a lot more to contribute; it’s one of the reasons we’re partnering with LASPARK.

“We are in the real estate business and of course, when it comes to real estate, we are talking about housing and shelter ; we are talking about the very foundation of infrastructure that provides support and give resources and livelihood for society at large. It’s not possible for us to be in such an industry and not be socially responsible and not be aware of our impact of our activities on the environment,” Soyemi added.

Apart from conservation of the environment, Pazino ECC also partners LASPARK in the area of education, where it recently fully sponsored a Children’s Day debate competition.

That was why Pazino, which is one of the leading real estate firms in the country sponsored Miss Rivers State and Miss Female Inspire of Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

At a reception for winners of the two prestigious pageants, Soyemi, told THISDAY that the company sponsored the events to encourage academics amongst the young females.

“We were approached by the university and we saw this as an opportunity to give back in our own way, introduce ourselves to the community and let them know that we’re not just here to sell our products and services, but also here to be part of the Port Harcourt communities and other Rivers state communities,” she explained.

Noting that the Rivers State pageant was a product of an academic community, Soyemi said, “One of the things we wanted to do was to encourage academics amongst the young females.”

“I will say over the years, there has been increase in education and more open-mindedness about education of the girl child, but my belief is that we can do more and I’m glad that the society has realized that the girl child should be educated because women have a lot to contribute to the society. And this is actually a very good platform to spread and deliver such a message and Pazino is proud to be part of that; is something that we’re proud to be aligned with,” she added.

“We’re hosting Miss Rivers State and Miss Female Inspire of Rivers State University of Science and Technology. We were actually a major sponsor of the event. On that note we decided to invite them to Lagos and get them to know more about the company, know more about Pazino as a brand and its products and services, with the intention of signing them on as brand representatives in Port Harcourt. It became almost imperative that they came and know more about the company. That is what we are doing now,” Soyemi noted. She emphasised Pazino was actually establishing its brand presence in Port Harcourt.