FoodCo Announces Launch of Sunfresh Ice Cream Range

FoodCo Nigeria Limited, a diversified consumer goods company with interests in retail, quick service restaurants, entertainment and manufacturing, has announced the launch of its Sunfresh range of ice creams. This is as the company seeks to meet consumer yearnings for affordable, high quality ice cream in the market. Speaking at the launch, Solomon Heusu, Marketing Manager, FoodCo Nigeria Limited, said: “We are excited to unveil the latest offering from the FoodCo family of products, Sunfresh Ice Cream. Sunfresh was developed in response to customer feedback and market research which showed a gap in the availability of affordable, yet, high quality ice creams. Our response was to develop Sunfresh which is made from the finest quality products. With Sunfresh Ice Cream range, our customers are guaranteed of rich, creamy ice cream, served at the right temperature and at the right texture.”

He further added that in addition to expanding the menu options in FoodCo’s Quick Service Restaurants, the introduction of Sunfresh Ice Cream wOULD enhance the general experience for customers at our outlets.

“At FoodCo, we are passionate about ensuring that every person that visits any of our outlets – whether the retail stores, our gaming centers or our quick service restaurants – enjoys a premium experience across the value chain.

Our prices are also affordable. This is a common thread that runs through all our eight outlets and we have been consistent in delivering on this brand promise. We are proud to state that the introduction of Sunfresh Ice Cream is a continuation of that tradition,” he added.

Sunfresh Ice Cream comes in a variety of delicious flavours. The originals flavours include: blueberry, banana, vanilla, French vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and red velvet while the specialty and Mix-ins flavours include German chocolate cake, There’s Chocolate on my snickers, S’more Some More, Coffee Lovers Crunch, Cookies and Creamery, My Mojo Pie, Very Berry Candid, Birthday Remix and my strawberry browning.

The Ice Cream brand is currently available in FoodCo outlet, Ring Road, Ibadan, Oyo State. A roll-out to other brand outlets is planned in the upcoming weeks. Sunfresh Ice Cream is the latest product from FoodCo Manufacturing, an arm of FoodCo Nigeria Limited. FoodCo Manufacturing is recognised for producing high quality products made to best hygiene standards. It also produces Sunfresh Bread, which is the most popular bread brand in Ibadan.

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