CWG Gets NERC Recognition on Metering Service


CWG smart metering venture has gained the recognition of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), for metering service offering, using latest technology.

NERC recently conferred the Metre Service Provider (MSP) Certification on the technology company.
CWG’s achievement of MSP certification, came at a point in the nation’s economy when potentials abound within the metering business for scale up, the company said in a statement.

According to the statement, “As hitherto, the operations of the CWG Smart Utility Systems had been limited to servicing of clients within the real estate sector, with facilities management firms being the principal targets. With that model, there was virtually no leverage access to doing business with the electricity distribution companies (Discos). But the recent conferment of the MSP certification has opened the CWG SUS product line, to unlimited business opportunities and foray of engagements with the more Discos, most especially now that the regulator, NERC, is revamping the trend of metre procurement and installation nationwide.”

The efforts of the Business Development Manager, Utility Systems at CWG, Mr. Emmanuel Ilori and his team working resolutely with the regulators through the process of the assessment of CWG’s expertise, resulted in the uncontestable issuance of the MSP license,” CWG further said in the statement.

CWG Plc is one of the few recognised business partners within the metering business’ space in Nigeria. This achievement has contributed immensely to the attainment of a new global status as an industry value driver within the electricity industry.

“The implication of the MSP status for CWG ranges from, being enabled to engage in more productive businesses with the Discos, to being better positioned to service clients more efficiently having more ownership in the OEMs process and attaining sustainable market leadership within the metering business industry,” the statement said.