FC Bulmaro Lagos, Tops Group A1 Nationwide League One


The FC Bulmaro, Lagos, led by Argentine Coach Gonzalo Rubio, on Tuesday, at the Legacy Pitch, National Stadium, Lagos, shared the spoils with Gbagada FC, Lagos, in the ongoing Nigerian Nationwide League One, 2018/2019, season, topping Group A1, with 13 points, after four very impressive straight wins. Other teams in the Group include: First Bank FC, Collins Edwards FC, B – Angels FC and Iganmu FC all Lagos-based clubs.

For Football fans and enthusiasts who watched the teams play and had been following the tournament closely, claimed that the FC Bulmaro, the youngest team in the country, now, have come to change the game of the business of the football in the country. Specifically, to offer the abundant wealth of talents, a veritable platform to discover themselves, and maximise the huge opportunities available globally.

On investigation, it was discovered that the new team is a product of the Elite 96 Scholarship Project, of the Lagos-based Barca Academy, number one, in sub-Saharan Africa, solely sponsored by Blaugrana Group International.

The young FC Bulmaro team that returned from abroad recently after a rigorous training tour, and an inspiring representation of Nigeria in the 2019 Mediterranean International Cup Competition, a two-week long, age group tournament, held in San Sebastián, Spain. Where the team recorded an outstanding performance. It was the first time a Nigerian clubside took part in the world event acclaimed to be the best and biggest, aside FIFA organised age group football fiestas.

The young club made up of 17 vibrant and robustly skillful and talented players, not above the age of 19 years is fully sponsored by Blaugrana Group International, the promoters of the elite Barca Academy Group, Lagos, Nigeria, in fulfillment of her corporate ideals and vision, fostering her culture of corporate social responsibility, to promote the Nigeria essence and resilient spirit, giving the participants the enablement to live their dream and opportunity to exhibit their skills and talents in a global stage, competing with scores of first level clubs from other countries including the giant football nations. She believes that the team participation in the Nationwide League One is a good step put forward to begin the climb.

During a chat with the media, shortly after their match against Gbagada FC, Gonzalo Rubio, expressed confidence and optimism that the team was holistically honed and prepared not only to win which is the primary objective of every coach and team in any outing but to also learn to become excellent professionals, who know that good leadership is farther than on the spot victory. He has no doubt the experience that would never leave the players the same, which he believes will give all the stakeholders something to be happy with.

“For all the boys it is a first and lifetime experience to be exposed to an array of things they are not familiar with in a very different and sophisticated clime. We strongly believe it would be impossible for the legend or giant in them not to wake up. The ready for the second phase of the League. Our fans will not be disappointed. We pray..,” Gonzalo Rubio stated.

Speaking on behalf of Blaugrana Group International, the chairman, Leslie Oghomienor, said he finds it very exciting and fulfilling to be a part of other people’s dream and success story, especially the young. Calling on them to be good ambassadors and act in manners that will make us and their sponsors very proud and motivate and spur other good spirited individuals and companies who have the capacity to help in changing the lives of our teeming youthful talents for the better to come on board.

“Our guiding philosophy is that we strongly believe in the little we are striving to do in helping others succeed in living their dreams. And I must tell you on behalf of our group that there is nothing this exciting, fulfilling and joyful to see an entire family coming out basking in the sweet mist of frills and thrills. I can tell you emphatically that there is no amount of pleasure or wealth that can be exchanged for this moment. It is like more years of life is been added to one’ s days on earth. That is how it feels,” he stressed, wearing a rueful smile.

In his reaction, on behalf of the team, the captain, Sebastian Godwin, expressing the team’s appreciation and overwhelming delight, said this jolt experience is an unbelievable turning point in the lives of the team members. Therefore, anyone whose attitude is inimical to the intents of our sponsors should not be among us.

“We are overwhelmed and cannot express or explain the joy in us. As long as we live, we will be forever grateful to Blaugrana Group International, Barca Academy Group Nigeria, the energetic Coach Gonzalo Rubio and our loving Spainish Physical Trainer Alberto Lafuente. We are in fact divinely chosen and blessed to have this kind of very rare opportunity. We will put up our very best, for we are well equipped to perform excellently in the next round,” Godwin revealed.

Furthermore, the captain revealed that Legacy Pitch, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, is currently, the home ground for FC Bulmaro, Lagos. And called on the fans not to withdraw their support for the team.