Book Reading Tour with Moremi Ajasoro Beauty Queen

Queen Moremi Ajasoro (middle) flanked by students students after a book reading session

Yinka Olatunbosun

Her height was stunning. She walked into the room with her crown and a staff, with such commanding presence. The young beauty Queen, Tolu Adedamola Oreoluwa is the current Queen Moremi Ajasoro for the 2018/2019 edition of the pageant. Recently, she embarked a tour of cities nationwide with book reading and music to encourage reading culture amongst Nigerian youths.

The undergraduate of the Department of English Language, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife spoke briefly with journalists in Victoria Island, Lagos before travelling to Enugu for one of her scheduled book reading sessions.

The pageant which is in its third edition is designed to celebrate the legacies of Moremi Ajasoro, the legendary heroine who saved the people of Ile Ife from the massacre orchestrated by the enemies. Hence, the beauty Queen has made the literary work on Moremi Ajasoro her work tool in initiating conversation about leadership and courage in young people.

As regards the Enugu book reading, she revealed that the show is designed for children in secondary schools.

“This is my project because reading makes a woman,’’ she began. “So, I will be reading for the children for them to know how powerful Moremi is to the Yoruba culture. We move from school to school. From there, we are moving to Kwara, Abeokuta and Lagos. Moremi Ajasoro book is detailed in history and culture.

“Moremi is an epitome of heroism andleadership. We are using the book to tell children how strong they can be and that they can achieve whatever they want to achieve.’’

The book reading tour started on May 27 which is observed globally as the Children’s Day and continues this June and next month. For the Queen, it is not just about the Yoruba culture but to draw attention to womanhood and girl-child issues.

Since the beginning of her reign, she has dedicated her time towards motivational speaking which she admitted was not her forte initially.

“I usually go out to speak to people to motivate them which has been on of the things I didn’t have much knowledge about. This role has opened my eyes to a lot of things in the society. Youths are the ones who need this enlightenment more than anyone else,’’ she said.