Adeagbo: There is Roadmap to Profitability in African Markets

Adeagbo: There is Roadmap to Profitability in African Markets

Dr. Dayo Adeagbo is a Director at the Apt Trading Company. He spoke to journalists ahead of the UK-based company’s plan to revolutionise trading in Africa. Hamid Ayodeji provides the excerpts:

Can you let us know about Apt Trading and what drives you as a firm?
Apt Trading Company was incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2009 not long after the recession by a group of seasoned traders to provide clear and concise strategies for all levels of traders for financial markets, offering profitable, dynamic and actionable trading ideas. Our solution offers independent analysis & expert insight, delivered in a timely fashion to make trading markets an enjoyable experience.

The experience of many traders is often one of utter disappointment as the true figures of traders that will ever be profitable is less than 20 per cent meaning over 80 per cent of traders will lose money and lose all the funds in their account within the first six months. Apt Trading provides a solution by publishing Buy or Sell trade ideas daily usually prior to the European market open, with a specified entry level, these are published with entry, target, and stop loss levels. This ensures trades entered meet the requirements for you to be in a successful trade, maximise profits and limit losses.

What are your unique features? Why should a professional trader, money managers or even investors consider your trade ideas?
What makes us unique is the fact we are entering the market with years of experience in delivering the service we have adapted for the African market to global markets. We currently have 8 professional analysts analysing the markets to provide the same service across the globe, the signals provided are the same provided to banks and hedge funds and professional traders which have been adapted for the African market.

What strategies do you have in place in your plan to revolutionise trading in Africa?
It is a well-known fact around the world that Africans, especially Nigerians are very intelligent and often rise to the top of their relative fields, the same characteristics found in Nigerians in diaspora has been identified right here, which leads us to believe that with the right guidance we can evolve the trading markets for the average Nigerian in the hopes of creating an income stream. In our plan to revolutionise trading in Africa, we have taken the following steps – detailed analysis of the current market to see how viable providing a solution to the average trader would be.

Apart from providing our signal service, we plan to implement a scholarship training program for viable candidates with the potential to become skilled traders. We have plans in place to create an extensive trading community which will bring opportunities that allows the organic growth and brings knowledge to the masses with the capacity to learn, understand and thrive in the trading environment.

As a UK-based company, your target audience in African markets may be seeing things differently. How are you addressing those possible concerns from them?
We work closely with our clients to provide a service which is easy to follow for the average trader, we prioritise keeping an uninterrupted line of communication with our analysts through our website live chat feature and WhatsApp group which in turn makes us available and helps to develop trust.

Can you tell us some of the challenges you face in Africa?
As with entering any new market one of the major challenges one faces is understanding the local culture and in this case the attitude and fixed mentality towards trading, people’s past experiences often go on to define them especially if it leaves a sour taste. Our major challenge we have faced is trying to change the mindset of traders to understand that there is a roadmap to profitability and creating an income if one would only follow the guidance provided. We also understand that traders have not really had companies take on the role of mentorship, trust and morale is often low whilst trading is being discussed due to previous cowboys promising the world and not delivering, so whilst trying to revolutionise trading in Africa we understand and are fully prepared to invest the time required and exercise patience to build the trust of traders to ensure they follow us on this wonderful journey we have planned for the market.

How do you ensure trades entered meet the requirements to be in a successful trade, maximise profits and limit losses?
Our trade ideas focus on historical support and resistance levels where there is a high probability of a good risk/reward trade set-up. A new trade idea is published every day in all markets that we cover. Often prices react around key levels and areas of support and resistance and our very experienced analysts seek to predict these key levels. Our ideas are formulated with two profit target levels which may be adjusted as directed in updates. Methodology behind our analysis is for taking profit on 75 per cent of a position at the 1st target level. However, performance is analysed by taking profit at the 1st target only. A target and stop loss level is always published in the analysis to limit losses and maximise gains, although these can also be adjusted as directed in live updates. If stop or target levels are not reached, traded price at 21:00hrs (GMT time) or in the case of Asian/Pacific ideas 16:00 hrs (GMT time) the following day, will be used as a closing level for performance analysis. All our trading is based on Technical Analysis principles though many of the techniques we use were developed in house and form part of our bespoke indicator.

Considering your trade ideas, how many financial markets across the globe do you cover? …What are your target markets in Africa?
We offer trade ideas in over 25 of the world’s major financial markets, packaged in three different asset groups: forex, commodities and stock indices. When you subscribe to our service individual markets can be selected or de-selected as required on your own customisable dashboard. Our analysts carry out the technical analysis in the UK, we are however assessing the markets over here to see how viable it will be to expand and add some of the local stocks and indices but for now the asset groups we provide offer a much more stable environment for a profitable trade.

In terms of your pricing, what does it take for traders and money managers to subscribe?
Our subscription options vary and depend on whether you are an individual or a corporation. Traders and money managers can subscribe for one, three or 12 months, starting at $60 per month for an annual subscription. The best price is available on the longest term of subscription. Online trading sites, brokers or firms requiring access to our API can contact us to discuss their requirements for a customised package.

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