Learning to Communicate Better!

Garba Shehu

It appears the handlers of President Muhamamdu Buhari have a penchant for insulting the very people, who voted their principal into office. Their language use often questions their thoughtfulness, and in many other instances, queries their qualification for the job. As the median between the government and the people in terms of communication, they had done too much harm lest their good intentions are subsumed in their recklessness.

That some presidential aides would dismiss the masses, who are critical of their principal as “wailing wailers” is a child’s play, when they react to critical positions from development partners like the legislature or the judiciary as independent arms of government. One of such was contained in a recent report, where the aides said President Buhari would not sign any “stupid Bill” into law. Like seriously – with such arrogance and impudence?

Think of it too, how does an aide of a certain partner describe what comes from other co-partners, which include the people, as stupid? Even if their principal desired such a poor and an uncouth use of language, by virtue of their responsibility as communicators, they could have advised otherwise. This is why it boils down to the fact that they have either been overrated for this job or their capacity to think beyond unbridled sentiments is simply impossible. Their language use is often very unacceptable and must change, not only in the interest of their principal but collective concerns of the citizenry.