Ghanaian Court to Deliver Judgment on Dispute Between Nigeria, US Company


The Superior Court of Judicature in the High Court of Justice of Commercial Court Division in Accra, Ghana, will today (Friday) deliver a ruling in a civil dispute between a Nigerian company, Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited, and 11 other respondents/defendants in the suit No. CM/RPC/0641/2018.

According to the court papers obtained by THISDAY, the 11 respondents are a vessel, DLB Sea Horizon; the Master of the vessel, DLB Sea Horizon; the owners of the vessel, DLB Sea Horizon; Consolidated Shipping Agencies; Ranger Subsea Nigeria Limited; Suntx Capital; Ranger Offshore USA Inc; Ranger International Limited; Technixs Oilfield Support Limited; and WAG SPV 1.

The affidavit in support of application for joinder and service of court processes outside the jurisdiction on Akirfa Holdings LLC, was deposed to by Elijah Amponsah, a Ghanaian and litigation executive with Alliance Partners of SSNIT Pension House, Tower Block, Accra, who are the solicitors to the applicants/plaintiff.

Ranger Subsea Nigeria Limited & WAG SPV1 LLC, which is an American company was alleged to be the owners of the barge, Sea Horizon, which is said to be currently within the territorial jurisdiction of the court and has since been a subject of warrant of arrest by order of the court since 2018.

It was alleged that Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited provided logistics services to Ranger Subsea Nigeria Limited but the debts have not been paid.

The real ownership of Ranger Subsea Nigeria Limited, WAG SPV1, Akirfa, and Rangers Offshore Inc is also a subject of dispute.

Rangers Subsea Nigeria Limited was also alleged to be indebted to some clients in Nigeria.

Akirfa Holdings also allegedly owns100 per cent equity of the Sea Horizon, have 6,000,000 preferential shares in Ranger Subsea Nigeria Limited.