Edmark Holds Team Building Camp, Shopping Fiesta


Peter Uzoho

Multi-Level Marketing company, Edmark, has held its Leadership/Team Building Camp (LTBC) and D’Podium Shopping Fiesta aimed at increasing the leadership skills of its staff, distributors and customers as well as strengthening their camaraderie among each other.

The company is committed to drive positive change through several seminars, trainings, boot camps and team buildings and its biggest leadership training is the LTBC, known as the biggest gathering of champions from across the globe.

The programme held in Lagos last month with over 500 participants, also targeted at promoting EDpoint App, which is one of the companies online platforms for buying goods and services from Edmark partner merchants.

Driven by the desire to assuage pandemic health conditions and provide business opportunities to all, Edmark’s continuous innovation and expansion has given birth to ‘ED2E’ (Edmark to Everything), a portal that connects users to merchants through a cashless mobile payment platform using a QR code technology.

“On top of the company’s continuous expansion, Edmar introduced its online portal, EDClick and its online shopping portal, EDShop in 2017, making it possible for distributors to place orders of products from the palm of their hands, wirelessly on their devices connected to the Internet.

“With its physical and digital enhancement, the company is able to better cater the flourishing market of Nigeria,” Head, Marketing, Edmark, Marvin C. Deundo, was quoted to have said in a statement.

Deundo added: “Edmark’s journey in Nigeria began way before the first branch opened in year 2009. The growing demand for Edmark products in the country gained the attention of the Management and Business Development teams as a notably increasing number of consumers and distributors purchased products and registered their distributorships at Edmark’s first African branch in Accra, Ghana.

“Ever since planting its seed in 2009, Edmark Nigeria has spurred the growth of Edmark in the African continent with the company’s subsequent entry into Cameroon. As of 2017, Edmark has branches in 30 countries around the world, of which 17 are in Africa”.