Cleric Charges Churches to Bridge Religious, Political Divide


Ayodeji Ake

Convener, Diaspora Connect and Founder, He Lives Bible Church, Abraham Great, has appealed to Nigerians on the need to bridge religious, tribal and political divide, towards building a sustainable nation.

Great in his open letter titled ‘The role of the Church in politics and governance today’ noted that Nigerian Christians can gain greater influence both economically and spiritually as the light of the nation, and not just the star of individual churches.

He posited that Christians should be the bridge between communities, the hope for reconciliation, and the resource center for integrity, ethics and values.

“The recent moves from Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to stretch a hand of fellowship to the government in power should be commended rather than criticised.

“It is conspicuously evident that our nation has been polarised by greedy politicians who take advantage of the already existing divisions in the land to further create a split even within our folds while their sanity is at the mercy of grandiose delusions.

“As the body of Christ, we must remain 100 per cent committed to non-partisanship as a founding principle of our mission and in our work, as a unifier, not a divider, not undermining any conversation pertaining to the state of affairs in the nation.

“Although in the past, we might have erroneously ignored some conversations, brazenly taken sides, and appeared clandestine in our support for candidates that appeal to our minds, even from the pulpit. We need to do more than those. Now is the time to launch re-invigorated dialogue and movement.

“Our role as the church: this is the time to stay awake, alert, participate in whatever ways we can to create understanding, knowledge, and a more peaceful Nigeria to shine the light in the midst of this gross darkness that has crept in on the world.”

“To begin grooming and investing in young men and women who would eventually penetrate the political sphere bearing the doctrine of honesty and integrity. Aligning ourselves with our brothers and sisters in power and giving them maximum support, they need to help function effectively in their assignment.

“Let us negotiate with the present government to set up a committee who would revisit and review the 2014 National Confab Report so that would have been justified that no stone is left unturned by this administration towards economic growth, wealth creation and poverty alleviation. We have an opportunity as a people to harmoniously rewrite the history of our nation.

“Let me conclude by submitting that it is way too late for anyone to Islamise our great nation, Nigeria. And it will help if we stop propagating this anecdotal rumour, which breeds fear, despair and above all spread hatred and inhibits our primary mission; soul winning. Let’s invest our energies gainfully and for the glory of our Lord Saviour.”