ACTIV to Mentor Growth, Development in West Africa

Chief operating officer, Nova Scotia Business Incorporated, Peter Askill; His Excellency, the Nigeria High Commissioner to Canada, Adeyinka Asekun; Chair Halifax Chambers of Commerce, Cynthia Dorrington; and Director, Africa Canada Trade and Investment Venture, Kenneth Oguzie.

Ayodeji Ake

Africa Canada Trade Investment Ventures (ACTIV) has promised to facilitate trade and investment in Africa as part of its major aim of mentoring business growth and development among individuals, organisations in West African Nations.

Speaking at a two-day event which took place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, ACTIV Director, Kenneth Oguzie emphasised on the benefits of strengthening business relationships between Canada and West Africa with a focus on Nigeria as a nation.

Oguzie noted that the international trade investment ventures will support businesses in Africa by looking forward to penetrating the Canada market as well as looking forward to build new partnership in addition with the existing ones.

He said: “ACTIV is an organisation that focuses on a value-based, ethical approach of creating platform to allow investment in key sectors with demonstrable scale potential, profitable returns and sustainable growth.

“We look forward to straightening and strengthening business relationships between Canada and West Africa, with a focus on Nigeria and Ghana and see to how ACTIV can support businesses to penetrate the Canada Market and to build new partnership.

“We will act as a bridge between Canadian businesses and businesses in Africa by bringing together stakeholders in business from different parts of the world, sharing different experience in the global business to facilitate growth.”

He also affirmed that West African trade and investment will definitely grow and develop into its full potential if only stakeholders and business owners can build a good relationship and think global in their various investments.

Also speaking at the event, Nigeria High Commissioner to Canada, Adeyinka Asekun said the partnership will do nothing but help both countries, harnessing its full potential in trade and investment.