Mob Kills Two in Kaduna over False Abduction Alarm


By John Shiklam in Kaduna

Two people were killed on Monday in Kaduna by angry mob following a false alarm that they were kidnappers.

The incident happened at the Kawo overhead bridge Kaduna. It was gathered that a business man simply identified as Alhaji Musa who jumped bail and was wanted by the police raised the alarm.

He was to have been detained by the police in Lagos following complaints by his business partner.
However, he was said to have been released by the police when his friends, Alhaji Usman Ibrahim, and two others stood as his sureties and was asked to be reporting to the police.

After reporting to the police about two times, Musa was said to have disappeared from Lagos and the sureties were asked to produce him.

The sureties traced him to his residence in Kawo area of Kaduna metropolis.
Accompanied by plainclothes policemen, they were said to have located the house to effect his arrest.

However, it was learnt that upon sighting them as they arrived his house, Musa reportedly zoomed off in his car.
The sureties pursued him and blocked him at the very busy Kawo overheard bridge.

Musa was said to have raised alarm that his sureties were kidnappers who wanted to abduct him.
A mob immediately descended on them, killing their driver on the spot and setting their vehicle ablaze. The second person was killed in the confusion that engulfed the area.

The sureties were said to have escaped to a nearby filling station which the mob threatened to set ablaze.
The prompt arrival of the police brought the situation under control as they fired teargas to disperse the mob who were already burning tyres on the very busy road.
Reacting to the incident, Yakubu Sabo, spokesman of the Kaduna state police command said the mob reacted to false alarm raised by one Alhaji Musa.

According to him, Musa who is into oil business had a problem with one of his business partners and was being detained by the police in Lagos before he was released on bail to the sureties.

The police spokesman explained that: “From information available to us, his friend went to secure his bail and he was released to them and they became his sureties. After appearing to the police on two occasions he disappeared.

”The sureties were later invited and asked to produce him. It was then that they informed the police that they know his resident in Kaduna and they promised to take the police there.

“When they arrived Kaduna, they went straight to his house, while the police waited at a distance.
“When he sighted them, he sensed their mission and quickly jumped into his car and sped off.

”The sureties followed him in their own car and blocked him at Kawo flyover bridge, he jumped out of his car and raised false alarm that people running after him were kidnappers.

”You know that Kawo flyover is a flash point, before you knew it, the mob descended on the sureties, believing that they were kidnappers.

“We got a distressed call and we moved straight to the spot, we were able to rescue the three sureties but the driver was burnt along side with the vehicle.
“In the process, the suspect Alhaj Musa escaped, and we are doing everything now to track him down”.

Sabo said the unfortunate incident led to the death of two people, adding that the sureties were under the protective custody of the police.
He warned members of the public against taking the laws into their hands.