Royal Exchange Partners Collinson Group to Launch Health Insurance


Ugo Aliogo

Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited has partnered Collinson Group to launch a new international health insurance product to the Nigeria market.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos recently, the Managing Director, Royal Exchange Healthcare Limited, Dr. Emenike Onwuka, said with smart health international plan, it is a top up to the local cover.

He also noted that the product presupposes that whoever is going to benefit from it must have the local cover from Nigeria, adding whatever is not covered in Nigeria would require treatment abroad.

“Collinson group has relationship with many top class hospitals in the world. Our products cover high tech treatment methods for conditions that are very complex in nature and expensive for an individual to undertake.”

He added that due to the group’s international contacts with top class hospitals in Europe, Indian and South Africa, the partnership would allow Royal Exchange to get the mileage in the relationship by ensuring that Nigerians get the best.

According to Onwuka, “the benefits of the products are so many, when individuals go abroad for very serious medical conditions, they spend a lot of money, some of them spend their life earnings, but with this product, what they need to do is to pay a $3000 to $4000 to get first class treatment worth over $120,000.

“This is why when so many Nigerians go abroad for treatment half way they are unable to pay and they eventually die. But with this kind of financial cover, ailments such as brain surgeries, cardiac surgeries, organ transplant, which can cost as much $150,000 can be done, therefore it reduces the capital flight from Nigerians because if you are subscribing, you just pay $4000 and that is the payment you make annually,” he said.