Sylvia Ukaatu: I Want a Humorous Man Who Loves My Job

Sylvia Ukaatu is a Nollywood actress and an emerging producer.  She has featured in several films since her inception in 2008 and has defined herself as an actress of her own class. Sylvia tells Tosin Clegg how it all started, about Nollywood as a whole and much more

Background and growing up

don’t have much to say about growing up, but I know it was a beautiful thing having siblings that love you so much and are ready to support you. Losing my father at the point I needed him most, helped in building me up as the independent lady I am today. I started facing maturity over issues of life. 

My first appearance

I joined the movie industry 2008. Then I did my first appearance in a movie titled, Marine Kingdom, where I acted alongside Clems Ohameze and KOK. After that, I did Same Blood with Mercy Johnson and many others. After a while, I went to PEFTI for a three-month programme in acting. But I really started as a face model and I was an Ambassador to many companies like Scanfrost/Ignis, Baron Oil, MTN, Grand Beer, Muoka foam and I did some TV commercials for Etisalat under Auxilia Agency. Then I decided to give acting a trial as I knew I could do it. I have the required beauty and brain, which I am grateful to God for, and that has brought me this far.    

I have only one actress who inspired me and that’s Genevieve Nnaji, but I’m not saying that other actors are not good. I call her goddess of character interpreter, and I love her effortless acting. She delivers her lines perfectly, as if she is in the mind of the writer. 

I’m that one girl who pursues what she wants

As an adult, I believe I have the right to choose what I want to be. My parents had no reason but to bless my choice and my family are 100% behind me. I will say I am a potential producer, as I have done my first movie project Sweet Yesterday. And I’m cooking something new, which will be out soon. 

Kind of man that catches my attention

Man with humour, dark skin, exposed and who loves my job. My turn off in a relationship is not getting attention, as I love attention so much. I want a man that would give me a listening ear and show me how much he cares. 

 My unique selling point

I believe everything in an actor is his or her selling point. It is in delivery of your roles to perfection. Your physical looks is also a selling point. I believe I am wonderfully made, so I don’t think I want to change anything as I love me. I know I have got a beautiful face and heart, so I love me. 

Cosmetic surgery

Going under a knife depends on the reason. It’s a choice. I have nothing against it. If it makes one happy, then why not; if it gives you the confidence you desire, go for it. 

What should be done to take Nollywood higher

I think the Nigerian government should start funding good film projects, because movie affects our economy positively. They should build a film village for Nollywood like they have for Bollywood and Hollywood. Also, they should help in combating piracy. 

My take on Regina Daniels’ trending issue

I believe it’s a choice, so people should learn to mind their business. How many are peacefully married to their young husband? How many enjoy their recent marriage? Abeg Regina made her choice so let’s leave her to enjoy it. I believe many who badmouth her will jump at such opportunity if they get it. 

Age is just a number, what matters is does the duo have mutual understanding? Do they support each other, If yes then what’s the noise all about? So, I respect her decision. 

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