David Jhay Switches Fully to Gospel Music 

Redrun Entertainment lead act, David Jhay has recently announced he would be going fully into gospel music production and performance. He hasn’t been too far away from doing such beautiful music as he as always been keen on being a medium of great musical contents and messages. 

David said, “Those who are close to me know how much of a gospel person I am. Spent most of my life in the church and I’ve got so much influence from it; so much that I find fulfilment and freedom when I make music about Divinity from within.  Moreover, I tried running the other way but He keeps bringing me back to the gospel every time. So, I decided if this is what God wants, let’s do it! I know He won’t leave me to do it by myself.”

The musical powerhouse is set to release a couple of gospel songs soon, which would be a way to reintroduce himself and spread the gospel of music across. David is more than just a musician, he is an economy of almost every part of musical production. 

Talking about his plans, he said, “Right now,, it’s a new dawn as I face gospel music fully. So it’s more release and more music for now. Singles are lined up for the year already and it’s basically more music.”

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