Too Much Blood on the Landscape



Did you hear that the federal government has secured the release of Zainab Aliyu?

Who is Zainab Aliyu?

Did you not hear of that young lady who was accused of peddling drug and was arrested in Saudi Arabia and was billed to be hanged by the Saudi authority?

You did not hear that the federal government made a strong case for her release following her father’s petition that the said drug was planted into her luggage by a syndicate. That the bag containing the said drug was actually not her own, but merely tagged in her name?

Yes, I have been following the story.

That is how a country should defend its own. I commend the Ministry of Foreign affairs for rising to the occasion, and that has saved Zainab from the gallows.

Hmmmm, so why has that same zeal and speed not been applied in the release of Leah Sharibu who has clocked more than one year in Boko Haram captivity?

Noooooo. You know Leah is held in captivity, but Zainab was already on the death row. The latter is more urgent than the former. It is like applying for exparte order from the court to urgently halt an action that may not be reversible. I am sure Leah Sha….

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(AAwwzwawzzwawAawazzzw in) What silly argument is that? Is the life of one more precious than the other? Do you realise the agony of the parents of Leah Sharibu waaafor these past14qqqq was qqq I was just wondering ooo I am ooo wow wow W months? When was Zainab arrested that she has now been released, as compared to Leah Sharibu and indeed all the other remaining Chibokgirls? Come on, be reasonable! What is good for the goose is good for the ganders.

The federal government is doing everything possible to right the wrongs of the past. Some little patience will help.

What patience are you talking about? Why shouldn’t the federal government apply the same “exparte” action in addressing the huge blood letting in the land? Or are you not hearing of the many killings on daily basis in a country not in any declared war? Have you not heard the Abuja-Kaduna highway is now kidnappers’ kingdom? Or that Zamfara is a huge killing field even as TarabaState and the Benue river has turned crimson from the blood of farmers killed by pampered Fulani herdsmen? Nobody is saying anything reasonable. And you stand here talking about patience? Do you want us all dead in the name of patience? Are we Job?

But you know of the Operation Puff Adder recently launched by the Nigeria Police to curb the spate of kidnappings on the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

Rubbish! Who cares about the Operation Puff-Puff or whatever you call it? Where was the Operation Puff-Adder when the UBEC chairman and his daughter were kidnapped and their driver killed few days ago? Was it not that same highway? Look, let us be honest, we are under a siege as a country. Ok. What operation have they launched to curb the kidnapping on Lagos-Benin highway where people are kidnapped and killed on a dailybasis? When will the police launch that Operation Chin-Chin? Nonsense!

You know these problems didn’t just start. Government is doing everything to stem the tide of the menace and we are confident that…

(cuts in again) Away with those vexatious shibboleths. And please stop those sickly excuses. What do you mean the problems didn’t start now? Did we have this degree of killings before this government came to power? People’s lives don’t mean anything again? Even a dumped lover can decide to kill the entire family of his ex-girlfriend as it happened in Igbodigo, Ondo State A situation where people cannot travel again? Haba! Feareththou not God!

Look, there is too much blood flowing unduly in the land. Government has to wake up to its main responsibility of protecting lives and property. Of what essence is all these shenanigans about budget and governance when the people are dead? People are just dying everywhere. In Rivers, in Delta, in Taraba, in Benue, in Borno etc, people are seemingly set on a dying competition. Enough is enough!

I believe the government is reworking the security architecture of the country for greater effectiveness and the result will soon be seen by all and sundry.

(pouting his lips) … In your mind! I keep wondering what the service chiefs are doing in the face of this nation-wide pogrom by the men of the underworld. Indeed, how does the Minister of Defence , Gen Mansur Muhammad Dan Ali, sleep and eat and feel cool in the face of these carnages?What is the benefit that our Defence and Internal Affairs ministries are being manned by retired army generals, not to mention even the president and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who himself is also an army general. How can these generals be on parade and some rag-tag criminals are running us out of town? What do the police and even the Airforce do with those helicopters and fighter jets when the forests between Ore and Benin have become evil forest of kidnappers or of the savannah landscape between Abuja and Kaduna which has become the den or robbers and kidnappers? Patrolling the skyline of those highways with those helicopters and jets will stem the tide of the marauding criminals.

We are tired of news about killings here and there. Let there be life!