Nest ONE Innovation Hub Berths in Abuja, Targets 100 Companies Annually

By Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja
Nest ONE, a creativity and innovation hub with a focus on technology-driven triple bottom enterprises and arts, has been launched in Abuja.
It also intends to create a diverse community of people that would in due course represent a collective brain trust of creativity, passion and drive for positive change in Nigeria.
The founder and Strategist-in-Chief, Mr. Emeka Orji, disclosed this yesterday at a press conference at the official launch of the hub in Abuja, adding that the launching is a-four day event scheduled from Wednesday, May 1st to Saturday, May 4th, and is themed, “Our Tech, Our Art.”
He explained that Nest ONE was designed to create an ecosystem for creative collision, where ideas ‘collide’, cross-pollinate and birth..
Orji noted that at Nest ONE, business would meet Arts in the midst of nature and serenity to create enterprises that deliver positive change to Nigerian space.
He stated: “Our destination is a Nigeria where we have helped to create enterprises that can produce wealth far in excess of what crude oil will ever produce, enterprise that are very socially conscious and enterprises that are easily replicable and scalable.
“We intend to spinoff 100 companies a year. They would fulfil Nigeria market but the products are targeted at international market. We are going to make products that can compete with the products currently occupying the position.
“We believe at Nest ONE that it is possible for Nigeria to become a first class country in the next few years.”
Orji who had previously worked with World Bank in Washington DC and South East Asia said that Nest ONE would inspire conversation and projects that would positively impact Nigeria by creating a physical space where Creatives, Techies, Entrepreneurs, and Innovators gather to create, work, network and socialise in a stimulating and relaxed environment.
He stressed, “Nest ONE is a collaboration-focused space with High Tech meeting rooms and halls, offices, working spaces, wellness centre, a library, book store, private CD cinema, maker space, art gallery, thinking and brainstorming space, yoga and exercise space…”
Orji noted that the seven core pillars of Nest ONE include; Sanctuary, Community and Collaboration, Nigeria , Services, Technology, Creativity and Execution; while its triple bottom line include; profit, social impact and replicability.