Abuja Bubbles as FCV Gladiators Football Camp Begins


After the successful staging of the Lagos leg, the FCV Gladiators Camp in Abuja has been beehive of activities as the coaches continued to impact on the participants with the aim of sharpening their skills in the round leather game.

With plans by the organisers – Dynaspro Sports Promotion and Advanta Interactive to select the two outstanding players just like their did in Lagos, the camp holding at Aduvie International School had hundreds of participants within and outside Abuja taking part.

The two outstanding players selected from Lagos – Kolade Bailey and Al-Ameen Yusuf are expected to embark on a summer training in the United kingdom while the successful candidates from Abuja will also join them in the trip.

For the Director of Dynaspro Sports Promotion, Oluseyi Oyebode, the camp has been an eye opener for parents and guardians.
“It has been a tremendous experience working with the children with FCV Academy, Dynaspro and Adavanta. A lot of great things, skills development; the training methods were fantastic and at the end we got good feedbacks and testimonies from the kids and their parents.

This is just the beginning. We have two kids from this week’s camp that will be going to the UK in the summer having emerged the best from the Lagos leg but it was a wonderful performance from everybody and at the end of the day, we can only pick two that were selected by the FCV team after a thorough process,” Oyebode said.
The Head Coach of UK-based FCV Academy, Russell Fryer was particularly impressed with the turnout.

“The turnout has been great with lots of kids with smiles on their faces and that’s the real essence of it. The kids are great and very well behaved. I think the kids responded very and quite enthusiastic and energetic and that is what we want to encourage. The idea is that we will come in and help the coaches to upscale and become better with their jobs and we achieved that and we can leave a legacy for them to continue from here and hopefully the standard of the children will improve as well,” said Fryer.

He added: “At FCV, we value both football and education. Education is our priority so we ensure all our students have very good education and they study at the best universities for sports in the world and we make sure our children excel. At the same time, we are a football academy and we can help improve the children to become better football players and better people.”