Runsewe Commends FCT Minister for Raiding Nude Clubs in Abuja

Otunba Segun Runsewe

Jonathan Eze

The Director- General of National council for Arts and Culture (NCAC), Segun Runsewe, has commended the federal capital territory (FCT) minister and his officials for the timely raid and closure of nude clubs in Abuja.

In a statement sent to THISDAY yesterday, the former tourism chief, stated that the rise of this ugly and negative recreational pass negates every strand of Nigerian culture, hence the need for all states in the country to emulate the raid and burst measures adopted by the administrator of the fedral capital territory.

“What the FCT minister and his officials have done is not only commendable, it’s a proactive measure to track down the influencers and marketers of this sodomic expressions,thereby protecting our culture from foreign pollution.” he noted.

Runsewe added that Nigerian future lays with its young persons who must be protected and discouraged from accepting and practising certain cultures which are not only against Christianity and Islam but also certainly against the true living culture of the Nigerian nation.

He further disclosed that NCAC would soon roll out a national cultural campaign against harmful foreign and strange culture targeted at the Nigerian youth not excluding illegal drugs habits and strange smoking practices.

He decried the very rising negative influence of these satanic tendencies often passed off as global recreational acceptation, and occupation noting that Nigeria’s home grown culture must not be overshadowed by this message from the messengers of darkness, calling on the Nigerian media and religious bodies to join hands in checking the nude culture.