End of an Era: Bisola Daisi (Nee Ajimobi) Prepares for Life After Government … Reduces Social Engagements


Some cannot come to terms with the closing of a chapter. They take long, lingering looks behind until they are trapped in continuously playing loops of memories of things long gone. Some refuse to contemplate it, like cinema-goers sitting expectantly, popcorn in hand, hours after the show has ended. Some like Abisola Kolapo Daisi see the ending on the horizon and prepare to welcome it as an old friend, secure in the knowledge that when one door closes permanently another opens.

If we talk about which governor’s daughter is the most stylish and in-your-face, Bisola Daisi, nee Ajimobi, is in number one. Even after three children, she is up there with the most fashion-conscious divas, always turning heads with her loud lifestyle and devil-may-care approach. She is not the kind of woman that haggles over items no matter how expensive. Once she sees something that catches her fancy and/or looks good on her, she is ready to pay over the hilt.

Despite being a governor’s daughter with the expectation that she rides her father’s coattails to a life of luxury, Bisola is actually as self-made a governor’s daughter as you’ll ever see. She was already killing it big time in the showbiz world long before her father because the landlord of Oyo Government House. Not to mention her money-spinning ventures in oil and gas that have made her very rich indeed, Bisola is the complete package.

Even her husband of seven years is no slouch either when it comes to the money-making department. Bisola is married to very handsome Ibadan dude and banking guru Kolapo Kola-Daisi, the son of well-conn,ected Ibadan businessman, Chief Kola Daisi. She even has a Christian Louboutin store in upscale Victoria Island which she named after her mother. It stocks some of the most sought after brands in female shoes. Not to mention her giant supermarket in Lekki or her event company that organized her brother’s recent fabulous wedding, it is obvious that Bisola is more than well off, with or without her father.

No wonder she is not losing any sleep over his impending exit from the government house. The fame associated with his tenure certainly brought her more attention than money, and since she has an abundance of the former, she can certainly do without much of the latter. So even though she has reduced her social engagements in recent times, it was more out of a need to avoid any unwanted attention to the Ajimobi clan now that they are leaving office.