New Chivita Ice Tea Pack Stands Out in Market


Along with its promise of refreshingly natural goodness, Chivita Ice Tea’s recent visually disruptive packaging design that is modern, aspirational and trendy, is helping the brand stand out in a competitive marketplace.

A cross-section of consumers who offered their perspective on the new look Chivita Ice Tea noted that they were excited by the brand’s new positioning under the Chivita Masterbrand. Its new package design is a bold statement of its premium quality, health benefits and consumers’ benefits that has made the product visually appealing to consumers as it maintains its front shelf space and preference.

For Tomiwa Adeleke, a Lagos based lawyer, the rebrand of Chivita Ice Tea was an innovative strategy that connects with consumers because of the pack’s unique imageries which is visually attractive and differentiating from competing brands.

“I drink Chivita Ice Tea very often whenever the need for refreshment arises. For me, its great taste and unique blend of natural tea leaves and real fruits, as well as health benefits, make it a preferred choice for rejuvenation and refreshment. The brighter and bolder rebranded product pack was a pleasant surprise to me and is triggering positive product enquiries from my friends who are excited about its renewed appeal,” he said.    

Agatha Eromosele, a mother of four, who works as a nurse in the Lagos General Hospital stated that the new look Chivita Ice Tea is a welcome development.

“There is no ambiguity as the new design means the product announces itself from afar on the shelf. Its refreshing benefits are well captured by the persuasive imageries and content on the new product pack. 

As a health conscious consumer, I love the exciting blend of premium natural tea leave extracts with real fruits which makes Chivita Ice Tea a natural choice for me and others who care about their health,” she said.

Commenting about the product rebranding and the positive feedback from consumers, Marketing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Probal Bhattacharya stated that it was pleasing to see consumers resonate with the product’s fresh visual identity, which keys it into the Chivita Masterbrand. The new design also reinforces its promise of rejuvenation through more appealing elements that evoke its refreshingly natural goodness.

“The objective for rebranding Chivita Ice Tea was to communicate the brand’s core value of rejuvenation and natural refreshment with strategic imageries that are attractive and differentiating. We are excited about the response so far and look forward to growing consumer franchise and affinity with the new pack,” he said.

Chivita Ice Tea is available in two variants of Lemon and Peach. It comes in 1Litre, 500ml, 315ml and 150ml pack sizes and can be purchased at eateries, roadside kiosks, Chi Shoppe, departmental stores and neighborhood shops across Nigeria.