Police to Charge LADOL Guard with Murder over Killing of Korean

Peter Uzoho

Following the fatal shooting of a Korean employee of SHI-MCI FZE at the LADOL Free Zone on April 8, the police have resolved to charge the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) personnel guarding the free zone to court for murder.

The NSCDC operative also shot and killed his colleague also guarding the free zone, before he shot the Korean employee.

The decision to charge the gunman to court was the outcome of a police report issued by a Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba, Lagos.

The police report, which was sighted by THISDAY, was signed by Yetunde O. Longe, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), and dated April 16, 2019.

According to the report of the police investigation, the NSCDC operative, Innocent Oshemi, shot and killed the Korean SHI-MCI employee with his official G5 rifle while on duty at the LADOL Free Zone.

The coroner confirmed that the victim died as a result of injuries received from the gunshot, including ‘penetrating missile injury to the body.’

The police report concluded that there is a case of murder of the Korean SHI-MCI FZE employee established against the gunman by the available evidence.

According to the report, the gunman will be charged with murder and the case file will be forwarded to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

At a press-conference held in Lagos, which was attended by the family of the Korean victim, the Managing Director of Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria (SHIN), Mr. Jejin Jeon, said, “SHIN would ensure that LADOL and the NSCDC are held accountable for any organisational and management failing that allowed the gunman to carry out this terrible crime in the LADOL Free Zone.”

Jeon also showed CCTV of the shooting of the Nigerian guard and Korean employee to journalists assembled for the press-conference.

The CCTV clearly showed that the LADOL guard fired deliberately at his NSCDC colleague, killing him with three shots at the scene, before moving away to a different location where he also deliberately shot the Korean employee that had been working in a crawler crane within the SHI-MCI yard.

SHI stated that the CCTV and the decision of the Police to charge the suspect with murder is further proof that statements by LADOL and the NSCDC made after the shooting, namely that the shooting of the guard and the SHI-MCI FZE employee was in error, are false.

Also, the Chief Operating Officer of SHIN, Mr. Frank Ejizu, commended DCP Longe, and her team for their thorough investigation of the evidence of this case. ‘’This will result in the perpetrator of this terrible crime being charged for his acts. We invite the Director of Public Prosecutions to conduct a transparent and fair assessment of the evidence and to ensure that justice is done and seen to be done.

“The international business community will also be watching this case closely to determine whether Nigeria remains a safe working environment for their employees.” Ejizu explained

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