Firm Hits Nigerian Market with NewlifeRice, NaijaSweetRice


An indigenous food processing company, Integrated Factory Foods Company, has launched into the Nigerian market economic friendly smaller packaged rice.

The company, owner of NewlifeRice®, Naija-SweetRice® trademarks, has in addition to its existing sizes of 50kg ,25kg, 5kg and 750g launched cost effective and economic friendly 375g NaijaSweetRice® package popularly known as ‘HungaBusta’.

This latest pack is targeted at the retail consumer especially those who are already accustomed to buying rice in direct retail cup serving.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Factory Foods Company, Akhibi Onoke Akhibi, despite the laudable emphasis of the federal government on local content in rice production, many urban rice consumers are being denied the opportunity of savoring the rich taste of freshly milled, delicious locally produced rice as a result of sharp practices of some unscrupulous rice merchants.

Akhibi added that his company in its innovativeness, decided to introduce the NaijaSweetRice® HungaBusta pack through the new trend of dry food channel.

The HungaBusta pack is equivalent of two cups (175g) plus of edible rice grains that is ideal for a family of four.

Like its other sizes, he said the paddy rice input is sourced locally from Bida, Doko, Enagi, Edozhgi and Katcha areas of Niger State, North Central Nigeria and are processed to high quality standard.

Akhibi also stressed that NaijaSweet Rice “meets all the standard of food safety, consistent quality, reasonable pricing and fair trading opportunities for supply chain participants.

“By introducing single family serving, homegrown, freshly milled and well packaged Nigerian rice to retail consumers, the company hopes to offer to the public, especially the urban consumers the opportunity to connect with our farmers and enjoy the rich taste of locally produced rice they have been denied for so long.”