Alcohol Consumption, Smoking, Obesity Causes Unexplainable Infertility, Experts Say


Martins Ifijeh

Fertility experts have revealed that alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity and use of body-sizing drugs cause unexplainable infertility in men, while blockage of tubes as a result of infections at teen age causes infertility in women.

Addressing newsmen during the facility tour of Androcare Fertility Centre (AFC) in Lagos recently, the Clinic Operating Officer, Dr. Charles Kolade noted that even though a man’s test shows he is fertile, a further test could show the sperms are not viable enough for reproduction.

He said: “For men, the fact that the sperm count is normal doesn’t mean the genetics of the sperm is normal. So there is a more advance test that we do that will help us know how well the sperms are working.

“What causes these things could be genetic, alcohol, obesity, drugs (for body sizing), smoking, and all these things have their effects, and it will translate to infertility. So that’s part of the things we do here to dig deep on causes of infertility.”

Kolade further explained that mere taking of drugs when infections are observed does not totally take away the infection.

“Some people take drugs when they sense they have infections but that’s not it. One may feel better but the infection continues doing it work unaware, and it won’t occur until over 15 to 20 years. And that’s why some people exclaim they got a lady pregnant sometimes ago but that was when the infection was growing and harmless,” he added.

He also stated that there was nothing called toilet infection, adding that it remains only as slang.

The Clinical Director, Androcare Fertility Centre, Dr. Adeleke Daramola said there were two common causes of infertility; blockage of the tubes in women and low sperm count in men, which annually is on it increase.

Daramola said: “If the young ladies can take care of such things early enough, infertility will be prevented but majority are not aware.”

To reduce incidents of infertility, Daramola urged young females to observe personal hygiene and ensure they treat any form of infection while young before it escalate.