Don’t Depend on Govts for Revenue, Tertiary Institutions Told


Okon Bassey in Uyo

Tertiary institutions in the country have been advised not to depend on the federal or state governments for funding, but to generate revenue internally to meet their financial challenges in order to survive.

A former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Attah gave the advice at the second distinguished registry lecture of the University of Uyo with the theme ‘Knowledge Management, Professionalism and the Survival of Nigerian Universities’.

Attah, who was described as a distinguished lecturer, said if more revenues are generated internally by universities, it will be easier for them to address their current societal needs and problems.

He said the time has come for universities to depart from the idea of continual monetary expectations or hand-outs from either the federal, state government or individuals to deliver on their core mandate of effective impacting of knowledge to those who seek it and meet the needs of the society.

Attah stressed that many world-class universities generate a large amount of their funding internally from many innovations through research, adding that many universities in the USA, Japan, China, Great Britain, Germany, among others are even richer than some countries as a result of their drive for IGR.

“So to survive, universities in the country must be able to choose courses they offer very carefully and generate more funds internally to remain relevant. The barrier of funding must be broken so that town and professionalism can establish a symbiotic relationship that is mutually beneficial to the overall development of the nation,” he said.

The former governor described the registry lecture series, which he said is peculiar to the University of Uyo as a welcome departure from the usual inaugural and convocation lectures usually organised to advance human quest for knowledge and drive for advancement of humanity.

He commended the management of the institution, led by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Enefiok Essien for its drive and innovation.

In his remarks, Essien said the lecture marks yet another milestone in the annals of the institution as it continues to soar higher in the country’s tertiary education space.

He said the theme of the lecture was apt when viewed from the background of the fact that the primary duty of universities world over is creating and generating knowledge from all facets of human endeavours. Knowledge management according to him is therefore imperative to be able to harness and reap the full benefit of such knowledge.

“It is also pertinent to mention here that knowledge has now taken a new dimension considering the impact and breakthroughs that science and technology have made in the society and the world at large

“It therefore becomes necessary for this new body of knowledge to be properly managed and nurtured to ensure efficient service for continuous growth of the university system in Nigeria,” Essien added.