Agency’s Campaign Excites Consumers


In what looked like a season of surprises, visitors who thronged the Ikeja City Mall during the recent Mother’s Day celebration interacted with an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) styled as a mother with a wrapper and glamorous headgear.

 This installation was the climax of kwikmoney’s tactical campaign, aimed at further entrenching the instant loan service as the provider of micro loans to Nigerians from the comfort of their mobile phones with none of the usual hassles or excuses.

 The Mother’s Day campaign was premised on the realisation that “loved ones are often the first option for Nigerians seeking to get a quick loan”. Many turned to their parents, especially mothers, for loans they often do not intend to pay back!

 Exploiting this consumer insight, X3M Ideas, the brand’s marketing communications partner, developed a campaign with the theme: “Mum Not ATM.” The message urged targets to give their mothers a break, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, and get a loan from the firm instead.

The campaign began with an online competition which rewarded winners with the chance to give their mothers recognition on notable billboards around Lagos. This was enhanced using radio and online channels as supporting media.

Activation commenced online on the 25th of March.

An official of the agency disclosed that the competition was announced on the 26th, asking participants to send in images of their mothers and a narration of a time she came through for them.