HURIWA Condemns Killings by Herdsmen in Anambra

Deplores govt’s ineptitude on Zamfara massacres

Esther Oluku

A prominent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), has condemned the alleged attacks in Enugu and Anambra States by Fulani herdsmen and urged the South-east governors and lawmakers to pass laws in their States to institute armed vigilante groups and grant licences to citizens to bear arms to protect themselves.

Fulani herdsmen were alleged to have stormed Anambra West Local Government Area of Anambra State leaving six people dead, including one Dr. Nnamdi Ogueche, a senior lecturer at the Nnamdi Azikwe University; burning houses and raping helpless women.

“We condemn the Nigerian government for doing nothing to stop the spread of reprisals whenever these undesirable armed elements undertake their sordid and despicable crime against humanity.

“Where were the armed security forces in Anambra amd Enugu states before the armed Fulani herdsmen struck and why are the soldiers being deployed to protect the suspected killers? The government must be made to come clean on these serial killings by armed Fulani herdsmen all over the country if Nigeria must be stopped from nosediving into a state of civil war. These killings must stop or must be stopped by all means,” the group said

Quoting a report by an eyewitness, Mr. Orjiako Nnaluo (Ideh Anam), HURIWA stated that before the people of the area knew what was going on, the herdsmen had killed six people, leaving about 30 others with various degrees of injuries.

The group expressed their bewilderment at the action taken by the federal government to end the chaos saying, “Mr. President, banning mining activities makes no sense. What will make sense is to clinically arrest the killers and their sponsors and
deal decisively with them
in accordance with the

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