Lagos Achievers Lions Club Renovates 33 Toilets, Completes Borehole Project in Obalende Primary School

A cross section of Lagos Achievers Lions Club

Ugo Aliogo

As part of activities marking the 20th anniversary of the Lagos Achievers Lions Club, a part of Lions Clubs International District 404A1, Nigeria, the club has renovated 33 toilets and completed a borehole project in Obalende Primary School, Ijeh, Obalende.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony in Lagos recently, the President Lagos Achievers Lions Club, Lion Esther Ajuma Ogo noted that subject was to availability of funds and prioritisation of already identified needs, stating that the club would certainly do more in the school.

She also noted that as part of activities marking the anniversary, they are focused on Schools with serious needs, stating that they spotted the primary school and realised that it was in a very bad shape.

According to her, “To pick any School, we do a random sampling. We have done eye screening for the Police Community Primary School. We screened 150 children and we discovered that 20 of them needed eye glasses and five needed operations which we have taken care of with the help of our district governors and the regions.

“To celebrate our 20 birthday anniversary, we felt we should do a sampling of the School that really needs basic facilities and repair those facilities in order to assist those children in learning. We noticed that the toilets were blocked and bad, and they had no water system. Therefore, we had to do borehole drainage and we had to change it, provide 33 water cisterns (WC) and wash basins.

“We are looking at engaging two or three teachers for the School, so that the classes will be spread. We also realised that in the classes they don’t have chairs and it is part of our continuous project which we are going to do complete our work and make them very stable.”

Ogo further noted that the club has made arrangements to get a cleaner who would be taking care of the toilets especially in sanitation and maintenance daily.

She added that the club has realised that the School doesn’t have enough teachers; therefore they are making plans to engage a teacher for them in order to ensure that the children are not crowded and they are well taught in class.

It was learnt from the event that as part of a plan to educate the teachers and pupils on proper sanitation and plastic waste management, the club has provided litter bins in strategic places around the school.

It was also learnt that the club has engaged a sanitation officer to help with reduction of litter and supervision of the renovated toilets.