‘Excellence Critical in Driving the Nigerian Economy’


Oluchi Chibuzor

The President, Total E&P Cooperative, Mr. Olawale Olasoji, has stressed the need to embrace a culture of excellence in order to drive Nigeria’s economy.

Olasoji, disclosed this while delivering a speech titled: “Sustaining a Culture of Excellence,” at the Bells University’s Second Annual Bursary Lecture held in Ogun State.

He said the concept of seeing excellence as a habit presupposes that it must be established and sustained, adding it must be enshrined in the corporate culture of organisations.

He added that excellence was the best way to drive development of the Nigerian economy in the 21st century.

He added: “Excellence remains unequivocal to whatever image or brand any firms seek to project within and outside its corporate environment.”

Olasoji, urged organisations not to compromise excellence as they strive to satisfy their customers.

According to him, “The understanding of what excellence means may differ from sector to sector, it is pertinent that as an organisation you must first identify your customers that consume your services and whose positive feedback gives room for improvement to services rendered.

“When you build a corporate culture of excellence, you create organisational capacity and a structure that empowers, focuses and engages employees.

“You stop wasting a tremendous amount of time and money nurturing an outmoded culture focused on problem-solving,” he stated.

The chartered accountant therefore highlighted ways for organisation to revive the culture of excellence in both private and public establishments as soon as employees are engaged.  

“When you sense that your organisational culture is lacking, it could be a result of dwindling engagement or poor communication.

“Having a management platform is one solution and using weekly progress reports to communicate with member staff can also enhance alignment.

“Use every opportunity you have to reward actions the organisation values and wants to see continue. When employees are happy, excellence is easier to achieve.

“Corporate enforcement must be enforced with appropriate consequence in place, because lot of people will be discouraged from taking paths different from the organisational/departmental goals and objectives,” he said.