Prof. Osinbajo – Death, Not Your Portion

Yemi Osinbajo

Your Excellency I am sorry I have not been able to wish you well since your electoral victory (?). I must confess as a true democrat yes o I am waiting for the end of the electoral appeal by Mr. Atiku before I send my undiluted congratulatory message to you and daddy.

I am sure as an erudite scholar you will understand this position and will not mind. However, the thanksgiving service on your helicopter crash is making me have a tiny rethink. You see, God has a way of protecting his people. As my father used to say in the book of Habakuk …. I don forget, no vex anyways we remain eternally grateful to Almighty God for saving us the very bad news that would have come from that incident. We must however continue in prayers and full supplication for not only your life but that of the nation.

God has saved you for a purpose which in my estimation is to stand for good governance and to continue in the fight for the total emancipation of the common man. Mbok, while at it, please avoid helicopters and as my mother would say, ’How many times will something do you.’ Please try other modes of transportation if it is too much you can do horse carriages like the Queen of England. At least that one, if anything happens you can jump down and run. I am telling you like you have righty stated if anything had happened to you, many people including myself who really did not attend any of your rallies would have been in trouble.

So my lord please be careful o, pray every morning, cover yourself with olive oil. If you don’t have send trader Moni let me help you buy. Wait before EFCC will now start chasing me for misusing the funds, buy it yourself when next you are on your market runs. Try Onyigbo market or Dugbe in Ibadan. Life is good especially life as the Vice President of this our country. God bless you and may we not hear any bad news, remain blessed my paddy.