Otunba Lekan Osifeso Returns to “First Love”

Lekan Osifeso

How do you know the essence of a man? One way is to check and analyse his associates—those whom he surrounds himself with. And Otunba Lekan Osifeso has some of the brightest and most brilliant minds around him. After the rigorous gubernatorial campaigns in Lagos State, Otunba Lekan Osifeso who was one of the major actors in Babajide Sanwo-Olu and Obafemi Hamzat’s campaign team is back to his office in Abuja.

There is no gainsaying that nothing tastes sweeter than a forbidden fruit. In the same vein, nothing pulls the individual harder than a first love. Otunba Lekan had jetted to Lagos from his Abuja base to support his brother and friend Obafemi Hamzat, the Deputy Governor-elect, before the presidential and governorship campaigns. And after helping to score a landslide victory over the opposition, the call of his first love has proved too much for Otunba Lekan to resist and he has returned to his Abuja office.

The man at the helm of EBLA Construction is not someone who likes to joke with his business affairs. Burning with a fierce desire to ascend the construction mountain, Lekan treats things like politics as temporary diversions at best, rather than the main event. His focus remains on the construction game as he aims for the jugular of more established players. He has declared war on their dominance, a young man, taking the game to the entrenched powers in a country for old men.

A firm believer in the Nigerian Project, Otunba Lekan’s contributions to infrastructure and development dot the landscape of several states but he remains unsatisfied with where he is in the industry. At a time whe≠≠≠n his friends are still celebrating their victory in the elections, he has already packed his bags and vamoosed to Abuja in order to return to his neglected first love, construction. He refuses to rest on his oars while the boat stands still in the ocean.