Budding Retail Perfumer, Chika Ajomiwe Talks About Her Road to Success


Chika is a Business Administration graduate who has taken her knowledge into the craft she has found appealing and worthy of service for her. On how it started, she said, “So one day I was on Instagram and I came across this page where they sell perfume oils. I found out the woman engaged in wholesale and I bought and started re-selling and my price was really affordable. That’s how I started.”

The Chikadibia is the name of her brand and she is doing so well pushing her business online and making a daily growth of the success she is working towards.

Her work ethics and style has earned her a good reputation, making her sought after and in demand for her excellence in customer services and quality products.

She regards her products as top-notch and wishes she was even a customer too. She said: “A lot of people in this business dilute their oils with different things but I don’t do that. My oils are undiluted, raw and last long. You can ask my customers to confirm.

I advise my customers on fragrances that suit them, when they get confused I recommend for them, not because I want to sell, but to make sure they are satisfied. I give my wholesalers tips and tricks on how to make sales and I also pray for them that they excel always. I mean there is space for everyone!”