Abiola Experience: There is a Lot to Learn  from Everywhere 


My Story

Abiola Awosika is a socialite and the Creative Director of Out the Box Creations where they make The Potato Twirl, Frosted Peanuts and The Mini Pancakes. She has won the hearts of several celebrities and public figures with her products which are constantly in demand at events, shows and functions. Awosika tells  Tosin Clegg about these amazing products, the secrets of her success, plans and much more. 

Tell us about your brands? 

We do potato twirls and serve it at several events. It’s new and doing well in the market currently. It’s been lucrative and successful as Nigerians love trying new things. We also have the Mini Pancake as deserts instead of the regulars, giving your guests opportunities to try new stuff. Also, we have the Candy frosted peanuts which is another thing we do and we make them a healthy snack for everyone. 

What’s exceptional about your brands? 

Like our name says, ‘Out the Box Creations,’ we are constantly thinking of new things and things you don’t just find everywhere. We want you to have opportunity to try new stuffs and things you don’t just see everywhere. 

How did you come about your creativity? 

There is a lot to learn on Instagram and when you travel. People would always say it can’t work back at home but when you do, it works. So, we are constantly learning new stuff and trying to bring them in. So it’s never gone wrong as there is a lot to learn from everywhere. 

What are your projects from the next couple of years? 

I want to see myself as one of the top female brand owners and make Forbes and big platforms out there. So, for the brands, we see ourselves making more creations and ideas and not just limited to what we have now. 

Who are your role models and mentors? 

I look up to my Aunty, Ibukun Awosika and that’s one person I admire so much. Her story and how hard she has fought and that just make you realise that nothing can stop you as long as you are determined. I love Michelle Obama for some reasons as every speech her husband gives, he mentions her.