The Wakil Example


The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Wakil provides a refreshing breath in a largely condemned and resented police community in the country. He ranks in the class of a few, who have distinguished themselves in the face of adversity, oppression, harassment and comes across as a quintessential figure of what not only a good police officer should represent but defines patriotism in all counts.

Wakil’s handling of the security situation in Kano State during the recent governorship election was a radical mark-off from the known. He was said to have been pressured to influence many things but refused to work against his conscience. He was neither for APC nor PDP. He refused to soil his name. He allegedly declined life-changing offers that could have blemished his many years of untainted record and stood solid for what was right, fair and just in the eye of posterity.

News of the alleged move to remove him and the reactions that followed were clear indications that an average Nigerian still recognises and appreciates decent living especially, amongst a category of people that do not come any close to such minimum standards. The future is promising for Wakil and he remains a worthy example each time those obnoxious stories about the Nigerian police are being told condescendingly.