International Women’s Day: Google Celebrates Female Icons


Ayodeji Ake

As part of it scheduled programs to celebrate the 2019 International Women’s Day, Google’s talk program, ‘Talk at Google’, featured female icons to discuss on the need for self-development for women.

The program organised in Lagos recently, brought together three young and inspirational Nigerian women; Publisher Bellanaija, Uche Pedro; Founder, Flying Doctors, Dr. Ola Orekunrin; and CEO, Accelerate TV, Colette Otusheso, who deliberated on the topic, ‘Women audacity and leadership’.

Speaking from the business point of view on making Nigeria a better profitable business environment, Orekunrin stressed on the need for economy upliftment to create more opportunities to enhance women development.

“We are in a place where a lot of work is to be done in terms of education. We are in a space where women don’t inherit. I think there are a lot to put in place to ensure women progresses. Increasing our economy and getting more opportunity is key,” she said.

On way forward for women, she urged women to embrace innovative businesses and get involved in governance and leadership.

“I always want to be impactful in my field. We have a scholarship program that helps a lot of women. I don’t wake up to see people to be like me, but I have always had the penchant to impact lives. My word of advice to women is that they should know their business and the way around it,” she added.

Pedro in her words noted there is a large number of women who want go into business but struggle their way around getting capital. She said women should utilise technology which has been the latest trend for businesses to substitute huge capital.

“I believe when women are given opportunity they excel. There have been drastic changes from the last 10 years in a revolutionalised system where women get involved.

“Technology for example has democratised us. It obvious that to start a business can be very expensive, so technology is replacing. I look forward to see more female founders. Technology is a game changer. And I will tell women to take advantage of technology,” she said.

While advising women to embrace technology, she also cautioned women to be wary of tricky information on social media platforms. “The technology is bombarded with a lot of information but I encourage the women to pause, listen and build,” she said.

Otusheso emphasised on the need to educate women for development. She argued that education for women is another form of empowerment.

“I will succumb to education because it is very important to development. I believe in education that we need to start from the bottom.

“I want to be the type of woman that gives opportunity to other women. We have done well in terms of storytelling -telling positive stories about women. And I can say that we have so many women storytellers that are making waves today,” she said.

She urged women to get rid of their fears and learn to try new things, adding that they also shouldn’t give up when failure comes.