Fueltrax Sponsors Nigerian-American Naval Officer to NASCAR Outdoor Race


Emma Okonji

Fueltrax, a United States (US) company that has pioneered and led the maritime industry in marine fuel management systems, had announced its intern in sponsoring a Nigerian-borne US Naval Academy graduate and US Navy officer, LT Jesse lwuji, for a marine race competition in Las Vegas, US.

The sponsorship will see Iwuji making his first ever Las Vegas Motor Speedway start in the NASCAR Gander Outdoor Truck Series Race, making him the only current military member racing in NASCAR that entire weekend and doing so with Reaume Bros Racing.

Pleased with the sponsorship, the CEO of Fueltrax, Anthony George, said: “It’s always been a passion for my wife Michelle and I to give back to young men and women and help them reach their dreams. lwuji is a big dreamer and a hard worker and we are honored to help him continue on his journey to success in NASCAR.”

The West Africa Operations Manager of Fueltrax, Bene Okorie, said: “We are so grateful for our Nigerian-based marine operators and proud to support lwuji both as one of our very own from our community, and as a first-generation American pursing his dreams. Nigerians everywhere should be proud of Jesse’s success.”

Meanwhile, Citracks, a locally-based service partner for Fueltrax in Nigeria, has expressed its excitement over the sponsorship deal, adding that it will further boost marine operations management both in Nigeria and in the United States of America, more so that over 50 per cent of Fueltrax operations are based in Nigeria.

Head of operations at Citracks, Frances Ogujawa, said: “We partnered Fueltrax to oversee system installation because they set the standard for Electronic Fuel Management System (EFMS) in Nigeria, making the services that we both provide our clients more reliable and easier to support locally. The partnership highlights the high performance standards of not only Fueltrax, but also of their local partners like Citrax.“

lwuji’s agent, Matt Casto, said: “Fueltrax is such an authentic fit. High performance and advance technology go hand and hand with NASCAR, and since lwuji’s family is from Nigeria, he has a strong connection with the same community the Fueltrax serves. To make things even better, Iwuji has a deep understanding of vessels as a current Surface Warfare Officer.”

From its inception in 2004, Fueltrax has grown to be the leading universal fuel management solution for offshore marine vessels, compatible with any class, engine or fuel type. Available in any location in the world, Fueltrax has grown recently in Nigeria by combating fuel accountability challenges for local operators. Together with its cloud-based data and analytics service, Fuelnet, it reduces costs and sets the standard for data-driven decisions.

Citracks is a leading telematics solution provider and subsidiary of the C & I Leasing Group -a diversified, operating lease and business service conglomerate providing support services to various indigenous and multinational organisations in West Africa along three major lines: Fleet Management, Personnel Outsourcing and Marine Services.

It also provides route mapping, real time location tracking, geo-fencing – restriction of vehicles to a particular geographical location, terminal, depot or station.