Exide Launches in Nigeria


Multipower Global Solutions Limited, one of the majors in power back-up and solar solutions industry, has obtained exclusive rights to distribute EXIDE Industries’ range of batteries with a particular intent on curbing the rising number of poor quality or counterfeit batteries being imported into Nigeria.

Exide – known for its durable batteries like deep-cycle, telecom, traction and many more, catering to various other applications, provide a complete power back-up solution – offering genuine, high quality products to its customers while ensuring their safety at the same time.

“Imposters are now selling various versions of EXIDEbatteries, Solar inverters, Solar PCU, and other products, thus creating a negative impact on the dealers and consumers through these inferior products,” Lokendra Sharma, the company’s Country Manager for West Africa, hinted at the dealers’ week which held in Lagos and Abuja.

He went on to identify some unique features to differentiate genuine products from fake in line with the company’s “Buy Original” global campaign and how there is value addition when you buy EXIDE products. Training workshops have been planned to further educate partners and subsequently, the end users.

These fake products are known to cause numerous safety hazards to work environments. Usually without authorisation, they carry the trademark, service mark or copyright of another entity, with the intention to deceive unsuspecting customers.

As the exclusive distributor of EXIDE Batteries in Nigeria and other West African countries, he stated, “We care about the safety of all Nigerians and their property.

Ensuring the consumers are fully aware of the dangers of sourcing batteries and other storage devices from unverifiable sources.

“We need to ensure the protection of electrical and electronic equipment from unreliable power, which can lead – and has led to – explosions, fires and even deaths.
“Multipower is committed to anti-counterfeiting technologies and programs. We strive to protect our customers from counterfeits that exist in Nigeria by the quality of the companies we represent in Nigeria.

“Consumers and communities can protect themselves against dangerous and defective counterfeit electrical products by using only established vendors and authorized retailers; exercising caution in online transactions; checking for certification marks; scrutinising labels and packaging; avoiding products that lack any identifying branding label or affiliation; and avoiding ‘bargains’ that seem too good to be true.”

Sharma stressed how imperative it was to bring the EXIDEbrand to Africa as he attested to the genuine nature of their batteries, being known for their impeccable quality and standard.

“We are the sole distributor in Nigeria and West Africa for EXIDE Batteries sourced from the renownedExide Industries Limited, manufacturers of a complete range of products for power backup & solar solutions. This range includes batteries, inverters, UPS and Solar Solutions.

“With branches in 18 cities across Nigeria, including Lagos, Abuja, Kano, PH, Aba, and Onitsha, the company still advocates for new dealers in order to forestall the operations of peddlers of fake products.

“We pride ourselves also in being a major accredited distributor of Schneider Electric products in the industry.

“We are also looking at possibilities to establish a manufacturing plant in the near future, where all these items and component parts will be manufactured; of course that depends on a number of factors,” Sharma added.

With warranty for its products running into a number of years, Multipower Global Solutions Limited is committed to continuing its investment in anti-counterfeit technologies and programs to protect its customers from the potential hazards and economic impacts of sub-standard goods entering the nation.