What Kids Teach Us about Business

Debbie Larry-Izamoje

         Growing up I always wondered why my parents shared their business ideas with us before proper implementation. With age and running my own digital agency, I have come to realize the importance of seeking opinion on business ideas before implementation even from sources and people that might not necessarily be vast in that area. A basic chat sometimes creates the inspiration you need.

         One of my greatest inspirations has therefore been children. If you watch your child closely you’ll realize that he/she mirrors some of your greatest leadership and business lessons. If you do not believe me yet, then read below

  1. Be Inquisitive


         A lot of adults find it very difficult to ask questions or simply admit that they do not have solutions to certain problems. We try to present this façade that we have attained the highest levels of success. And this sometimes limits us even in getting the help we need in reaching the next level of business.

         Kids on the other hand are never afraid to ask questions. Actually they ask questions to the point where they exhaust whoever it is they are investigating. And be rest assured that they will ask questions till they have reached a point of satisfaction. This is probably why Simon Sinek tells us constantly that in business you have to start with the “why?”

         The why is really the game changer of any business model. It is what causes you to do the things you do. It is the first step to discovery in business. This shows that business requires people to be inquisitive, to ask questions. In doing so you gain knowledge and notice tiny details which very often make up the big things.

  1. Don’t Take Everything So Seriously

         This should probably have been my first point. Children are great at letting things go. You scold them this minute and the next minute they are back in your arms like nothing ever happened. This can also be applied to business, as business can barely be done without stepping on a few toes. You will hurt people and people will hurt you. You simply have to learn to let go.

         On my radio show for business owners, I once discussed emotional intelligence and the feedback was incredible because this is an aspect of business that we sometimes do not think deeply about. As a professional, you simply cannot have an emotional reaction to everything that is being said or done to you.

         Kids are constantly learning even when not in school. We must learn that the key to success is working smart and not necessarily hard. Like kids you should learn to seek new opportunities, mix work environments and have fun on the job! A mind, which is more relaxed, is usually more productive. Do not stress the little things.

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Start

         When I was younger I joined so many co-curricular clubs. Not because I was the best or I had so much time free time after school. The truth is that I never second-guessed myself. If there was a new club in school and I had genuine interest in it, there was no stopping me.

         In short, I had signed up for so many clubs that my timetable crashed. And so for those clubs that the school had restricted me from participating in due to my other responsibilities in other clubs, I was simply attending some of their meetings to watch and learn or even support my friends.

         My friends and I had that “what’s the worst that can happen” mentality. And this should be applied to business. Nothing is ever really a failure. If that business venture does not excel, you can be sure that the lessons you will learn cannot even be paid for in the Harvard Business School. You must resist that fear of failure. If not controlled it may take root and will limit other areas of your life.


  1. Have a Support System


         My parents have always been my support system. The truth is growing up, they were a huge motivation behind most things I managed to achieve. I always wanted to go back with an award just so they could say they were proud of me.

         We need this too in business. That one person that motivates us, or gives us that pep talk before we go out into any battlefield. That one person we always want to win awards for just to hear them say how proud they are of us. This is someone who keeps us accountable, someone we can be real with. If you do not have one please start building relationships like this. They are very crucial while running your business.

  1. Success Happens in Stages


         Kids first learn to crawl before they walk and then run. It’s a process and we just need to learn to trust it. You must learn to be patient and never give up no matter how difficult the process is. A kid while learning to walk may cry when they fall, but they always stand up some how even if it means seeking the support of their loved ones. They never let a fall deter them from their goal of walking. We must all reflect on this and implement it into our businesses.


Debbie Larry-Izamoje AKA The Entrepreneur’s Best-Friend, holds a BSc in Information management from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. And Msc in management from University College London (UCL). She has also secured certificates in user innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Innovation and strategy from Harvard University.

She is on a mission to raise a generation of young established or soon to be established professionals who are more vocal about business difficulties while providing solutions through public speaking, article writing, training, workshops and coaching.

She is the founder of Image Boosters a Communications and strategy agency aimed at assisting SME’s, with core services in social media management and business strategy consultation.

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