Strategic Programmes for Sustainable Competitive Advantage


Visionary companies know that developing a constellation of vibrant executives and their team could be a veritable source of achieving rare, inimitable and valuable resources to build and sustain competitive advantage. Thus, leaders ought to be equipped with the requisite skills and strategic approaches that they need to deploy while working out how the business is going to achieve their specific objectives efficiently and effectively.

Recent research has revealed that aligning talent management strategy with business strategy is critical to the success of an organisation. With this in mind, TEXEM has put together a comprehensive development programme for the year 2019 that covers all the areas needed to help drive an organisation’s strategic agenda. Upon completion of these programmes, executives will develop actionable insights, enhanced leadership quotient and capacity to make effective decisions on how to survive, grow, effectively utilise resources and outperform their competitors in this dynamic, fast-paced, challenging and complex operating landscape.

Informed by research which has revealed the training needs of Nigerian executives, please allow us to invite your organisation to partake in our upcoming programmes for the year 2019:

   Creating Effective Boards and Directors

April 10-11, 2019 Venue: EKO Hotel &Suites, VI l

   Developing Efficient and Effective Leaders for Success in An Era Of Slow Growth And Low-Performance

June 19-20, 2019 Venue: EKO Hotel &Suites, VI

   Turning Organizational Challenges into Strategic Opportunities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Volatile Times

August 28-29, 2019 Venue: EKO Hotel &Suites, VI

   Developing Interpersonal Influence, Addressing Vulnerability and Achieving Authenticity for Value Creation

October 16-17, 2019 Venue: EKO Hotel &Suites, VI

   Designing A Flexible Organization and Engaging Innovative Ideas for A Competitive Edge

December 4-5, 2019 Venue: EKO Hotel &Suites, VI

The Faculty for these programmes include:

  • Professor Rodria Laline (Visiting professor of Harvard, Instead and IESE and chair of Intrabond Capital)
  • Professor Andrew D. Chambers, Professor Emeritus and Former Dean of Cass Business School Professor Graham Wilson (Professor in Psychology &Counselling, University of Oxford

  Prof Christian Stadler, Warwick Business School

  • Professor Nigel Nicholson (Professor of Organisational Behaviour; Faculty Advisor for Electives; Chief Examiner, London Business School).



‘I regard the TEXEM Programme as the best I have attended in recent times. Not one of them, but the very best as it was humanly perfect.’

Previous TEXEM delegate, Peter Atolo Irene – CEO International Energy Insurance

“The content of the program has been rich and educative, refreshing, enlightening and thought provoking. I enjoyed this program and I am looking forward to another program”. Previous TEXEM delegate: Andy Uwejeyan – Managing Director A&J Construction Company Ltd


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