Naviforce Enters Nigeria with Affordable  Wristwatches


Foremost Wristwatch brand, Naviforce, has announced its presence in the Nigerian market to cater for consumers who desire quality but affordable wristwatches.

The company stated that its expansion move to Africa’s most populous nation was prompted by the need to tackle the rising spread of counterfeit wristwatches that have flooded the market as well as tap into growth opportunities in Nigeria.

Speaking during the launch, Naviforce Nigeria CEO, Olawale Shonibare reiterated the brand’s commitment to delivering genuine  wristwatches for majority of Nigerians seeking an affordable alternative to highly priced timepieces.

He said: “A very significant ratio of the wristwatch market in Nigeria is awash with counterfeits, more popularly known as replica watches. Majority of the time, these replica watches are sold to unsuspecting customers as genuine, and at exorbitant prices.

“On another hand is a segment of the market peddling downright low-quality wristwatches with very short life span, as a result of the substandard materials used in their production.

“The Naviforce brand name has overtime, become synonymous to fashion and style, and its entry to Nigeria was borne out of a need to provide the same fashionable, premium lifestyle at affordable price points to Nigerians”. 

He added: “We strongly believe that one doesn’t have to break the bank to look fabulous, and same goes for owning a beautiful wristwatch. Our wristwatches cater for both male and female customers, with beautiful designs that are difficult to go unnoticed.”

Shonibare informed further that the company has created an online platform to ensure exclusive sale of all its products at a go.

Naviforce wristwatches range from mechanical to automatic, chronograph, sports, digital, divers and military style timepieces to cater for all categories of consumers.