Ayodeji Researches on Millenials and The Digital Marketplace


Jobberman has released a white paper research titled, ‘Millennials and the Digital Workplace: How to Keep Millennials Productive in the Workplace,’ to tackle the risk of losing younger employees. 

In the course of the research, Jobberman surveyed 5,380 actively employed Nigerian millennials employees, using Pan-African technology company, Andela as a case-study. The CEO of Jobberman, Ayodeji Adewunmi said: “We decided to used Andela as our case study since their brand embodies factors we have identified as crucial to ensuring productivity among millennial cohort.” 

He added: “To better understand millennials and productivity in the workplace, we surveyed some Nigerian candidates, and their responses are specifically reflected in our survey results section. 

We interviewed key management staff and numerous developers from Andela, gathered data from our internal database at Jobberman and from external research.” 

Adewunmi, however, highlighted three important factors that employers must adapt to, which include work culture, sense of pride, diversity and inclusion. 

Additionally, he emphasised that a work environment driven by authentic values and equipped with the right tools, followed by learning and development opportunities serves as a great competitive advantage, not only to millennials but also their employers.